Hey, it’s great to meet you!

My name’s Bex and I’m from the seaside city of Brighton in England. I live with my lovely parents and my two cats, Dexter and Spartacus, the most wonderful creatures ever (I’m not biased, honest). I’m an absolute mad cat lady, which I’m sure you’ll hear about a lot on this blog.

I’m 21 years old and, like a lot of people my age, I’m not sure what my future holds, not in the slightest. So I thought I’d make this blog to share my thoughts on the world and to help me focus on a hobby while I try and figure it all out. I’ve always loved writing but I’ve never really focused on one project for a long time, so I think a blog where I can write short passages is a good idea for me.

I have a lot of interests so my blog is full of all of them. I’ll be spending quality time with my family, reading a book while snuggled up on the sofa and trying to coax a cat onto my lap, singing along terribly to a variety of music, pretending I’m a makeup artist, or exploring my local area and hopefully the wider world. My mind is full of ideas so I want to get them written down, and take you along with me in general life!

I love talking to new people so follow me on Twitter or Instagram for a chat, or you can email me bexbasically@gmail.com

Thanks for checking out my blog!