How I Declutter My Clothes

I decluttered all my belongings last year, using the KonMari method to massively take down the amount of clothes I had. That was almost a year ago, so I thought it was the perfect time to redo this process and I got rid of a few more items. There have been quite a few other items sent to the charity shop throughout the year, also. I find that realising which pieces I no longer enjoy is a gradual process.

The main questions I ask myself when I’m deciding what to keep are: 

  • Have I worn this much recently?
  • Does it fit me well?
  • Do I feel comfortable in this piece?
  • Am I keeping it just because it holds a lot of memories?

The first item I chose to get rid of was this dress from H&M. I’ve had it for probably five or six years. I’ve worn it a lot and I still love it, but it doesn’t zip up anymore. I finally accepted that it was never going to fit me and decided to get rid of it, because what’s the point in keeping things I can’t even wear?

This dress (H&M) is also going because it’s a bit tight on the chest. I also don’t think the pattern’s really my style anymore, so hopefully someone will it enjoy it more than me. The playsuit (right photo, also from H&M) is lovely, but I haven’t worn it in ages and the shorts are a bit too short for me to feel comfortable.

These shorts are from Primark. They are lovely, but I haven’t reached for them in a long time and I have many more pairs of shorts that I much prefer.

The t-shirt is from Forever 21. I bought it in 2017 on a trip to London where we met up with family from America, so I was a bit reluctant to get rid of this item. I also love the balloon dog pattern. I have only worn it twice, though, because it’s very see-through, so in the charity shop bag it went!

My final item was a beautiful Boohoo jumpsuit. I absolutely love it – I’m still a bit sad even now it’s gone – but it just didn’t fit me right. I wore it to a couple of parties and I felt quite uncomfortable in it. The lacy, floral, plunging neckline is so beautiful, but it’s too loose and low, so I was quite self-conscious that I had more skin on show than was wanted. It was also quite impossible to wear with a bra. It was a bit of a disaster waiting to happen, especially with clumsy me!

I still have way too many clothes by most people’s standards, but I love fashion and all of my pieces bring me joy, which is the biggest part of KonMari! Do you follow Marie Kondo’s method?

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