Meet My Cats!

We got Dexter and Spartacus in April 2015, but it feels like we’ve had them forever. We had a rabbit years ago and the experience was a bit of a nightmare, so it was a shock when mine and my sister’s begging for a cat actually worked! We got back from our Easter holiday and started looking for them straight away – it turned out our dad wanted two cats, even though he was the most against the idea in the first place! A family friend told us that one of her friends’ cats had an unintentional litter of kittens that they really didn’t want, they sent us a photo of our two boys and we fell in love instantly.


Spartacus was the tiniest kitten ever, and he’s still a really small boy now. He’s loving and cuddly, but you know when he’s in a bad mood because you’ll get bitten. He hates strangers and anything that makes even a slightly loud noise, so his biggest fear is the doorbell because sound + people = TERROR, apparently. I don’t blame him. He’s definitely the handful of the two, but he’s got a great character and is so adorable I can’t stay mad at him for long!


Dexter is our little old man. He was diagnosed with a heart condition in December 2017 and we thought we were going to lose him then, but he’s mostly been going strong since. He’s the most chilled out cat I’ve ever known. He’s not a lap cat like Spartacus, but he loves being in the same room as people, for the occasional cuddle and the best opportunity to steal our food. Dexter won’t have the longest life, but we’ll look after him the best we can and make sure he knows we love and care for him until his time comes.

Choosing Their Names

Their names came with a lot of arguing, so in the end my mum and dad named one each. My dad loved the name Spartacus, and our little one looked like a confident warrior in the first photo we got of him, so that was his name. It absolutely doesn’t fit him, but it’s kind of hilarious how far from the truth his name turned out to be. I think it’s a great name, but calling him in for dinner is quite embarrassing, especially as he takes ages to appear. I think he knows his name sounds silly so he makes us call him loads.

Dexter was my mum’s choice, as he looked gentle and shy, so a less ridiculous name seemed to fit him better. I think it suits him, especially thinking about the TV serial killer Dexter, because our Dexter is a great hunter.

It’s an absolute dream to have cats, because I wanted one forever. They’re wonderful, independent pets to have and even the toughest people – like my dad pretends to be – fall in love with them.

What pets have you got? Are you a cat person?

2 thoughts on “Meet My Cats!

    1. Aw I’ll give them a cuddle from you! Dexter’s too chilled out to bother making a fuss, he did flip it off his head soon after but I think he likes posing for photos!


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