My Speedy, Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine

Finding skincare products that hydrate my skin while not making me oily, and also not breaking me out, is a tricky process. I tend to have combination to oily skin in summer, then combination to dry in the winter.

I’ve managed to find a set of products that work for me all year round, which is great for someone who can be really lazy when it comes to skincare. Being in a permanent routine really helps me get my skincare done every morning and evening.

  • Superdrug Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser & Serum – I’ve used this moisturiser for a couple of years now and I find it fantastic. It’s affordable and it lasts me ages! Two pumps on my face and neck after all my serums in the morning really makes my face feel lovely and it smells divine.
  • Revolution Skincare Blemish & Pore Refining Serum – this is the first of four Revolution Skincare products that I now use, and it’s really been a star. I can be quite self-conscious about the size of my pores and my breakouts, but this product has definitely made everything a little bit less noticeable. Even my hormonal outbreaks seem to be more bearable since using this.
  • Revolution Skincare Plumping & Hydrating Solution – I have only started using this in the last few weeks, but I’m loving it so far! It feels so hydrating to my skin patches.
  • Revolution Skincare Mild Skin Exfoliator & Revolution Skincare Gentle Quinoa Night Peeling Serum – I started using these both at the same time so I’m not sure how each of them benefit me separately. All I know is they make for a great evening skincare trio along with the Blemish & Pore Refining Serum. I put 2 drops of each onto my hand each evening and rub it all into my face. It’s such a relaxing feeling and my skin feels so much smoother from using them.
  • B. Pure Micellar Water – This is from a range by Superdrug, and I use this cleanser when I’m feeling a bit lazy. It does a great job of taking off all of my makeup and a bottle lasts me a while. I use this with a muslin cloth rather than cotton pads to reduce waste, and I feel like they exfoliate the skin a bit while cleansing.
  • Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser – I’m a big fan of a few of Glossier’s products and this is up there as a favourite. I use this in the shower as part of my morning skin routine, and as a makeup remover if I feel like treating myself to a proper pamper.

I’m always up for trying new cruelty-free skincare products, so let me know: what’s your favourite skincare product?

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